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Tree House Vacations

Looking for a truly unique vacation experience? How about staying in a tree house? I know...I know the kid in you just screamed with excitement! These aren't like the tree houses you had in your parents backyard when you were 12 years old. These "tree house hotels" are where fun and luxury meet. Without further ado...

A Redwood Tree House in the Santa Cruz Mountains

A magical Redwood tree house located it the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. There is a live tree growing right through the main living area and another in the bathroom! It is simply incredible. This retreat accommodates two and features a kitchen, heating and a bathroom.

$125 per night (book way in advance). Check it out here.

(Photo cred: Redwood Tree House Santa Cruz)

Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur

Triangular in shape, each room features a King bed, window seat, desk, fireplace, and skylight to watch the stars from bed each evening.

Check out their website for current rates.

(Photo cred: Post Ranch Inn)

Redwood Tree House

This charming gem is located in a grove of Redwoods near the Russian River in Sonoma's wine country. This tree house doesn't have a tree growing through it but you still are living amongst the giants during your stay here.

Check out their website for current rates.

(Photo cred: Redwood Tree House)

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