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The Human Nest

For the adventurous traveler I bring you "The Human Nest." Located on the Treebone's property (see my post about their awesome Yurt rentals here).

The Human Nest offers an extreme "eco-sleep" experience.

This unusual work of woven wood-art was created & built by Big Sur artist Jayson Fann. Bring your own sleeping bags & other gear for this night aloft. This is a walk-in campsite which includes private use of the wood-woven nest, and comes with a picnic table & nearby access to water. The nest has a wood ladder access, and there is a full sized futon mattress perched inside it. You haul your own sleeping bags and pillows up the ladder to nestle in for the night (weather permitting).

For $150 per night you can have a unique experience you'll never forget!

(Photo cred: Treebone's website)

(Photo cred: Treebone's website) 71895 Highway 1 Big Sur, CA 93920 Phone: (877) 424-4787 Email:

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