Chocolate Tours & Tastings in San Francisco

Three fantastic guided chocolate tours in San Francisco offered by Gourmet Walks...

Kiwi popsicle

The Gourmet Chocolate Tour If you love fine chocolate this is the tour for you! San Francisco is the center of a new wave of artisan chocolate makers who are experimenting with high quality beans, new methods, exotic fillings and more. On this tour you will learn all about fine chocolate and sample a wide array of locally made San Francisco Chocolates. Current tour features: single origin chocolate (from an award winning bean-to-bar maker), infused chocolates, unshelled truffles, aromatic hot chocolate & healthful chocolate Bars, gorgeous chocolates from an East Bay chocolate maker (dedicated to using the best ingredients on the planet), intense milk chocolate tasting and wine country chocolates. The deets: Expect the tour to last about three hours on foot with stops at seven shops and generous tastings. Ticket price is $55 per person.

The Ultra Chocolate Tour A premium chocolate experience! They've taken the Gourmet Chocolate Tour and kicked it up a notch by adding unique wine pairings, a beer pairing and an artisan cocktail. Current tour features: craft cocktail pairing, dark chocolate & Belgian beer pairing, blind chocolate bar tasting (225 bars from 15 different countries), dragees, single origin chocolate tasting, hazelnut Parisian macaroons, and wine & truffle flight. The deets: Expect the tour to last approximately 3.5 hours by foot with stops at seven shops and generous tastings. Ticket price is $85 per person.

Holiday Lights & Chocolate Tour Mark your calendars for December and get your tickets before they sell out! Experience the city's holiday lights with a cup of hot chocolate and a peppermint truffle. This is a special holiday version of the popular Gourmet Chocolate Tour and includes viewings of the Christmas Tree and lights in Union Square, Embarcadero Center, the Palace Hotel and Westfield Centre. The deets: Friday & Saturday's during December. The tour is a three hours walking and tasting tour. Ticket price is $55 per person. Gourmet Walks also offers food tours in San Francisco and Napa. (Photo cred: Gourmet Walks)

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