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An African Safari in Northern California

Always wanted to experience an African Safari but flying to Africa wasn't in the cards? Check out Safari West in Northern California. "An African adventure in the heart of California's Sonoma wine country. Guests may explore the Sonoma Serengeti on an African wildlife safari alongside romping herds of exotic wildlife or relax in a luxury safari tent under the gaze of a graceful giraffe."

(photo cred: Safari West)

Touring at Safari West: A once in a lifetime experience

Visitors will enjoy a fascinating three-hour riding and walking adventure in Safari West’s 400-acre preserve.The tour is make up for two parts: a walking portion and a sweet ride on an open air jeep. Guests are divided up into groups of twelve with a tour guide. The tour guide kicks off the tour by walking the group through the area where smaller animals such as monkeys, birds and cheetahs are living. All parts of the tour include a very informative educational component about each animal. Guests are also encouraged to ask questions.

The second half of the walking tour includes a walk through the open-air bird aviary. It is such a stunning view to be able to see these colorful birds living in their natural habitat without barriers. Guests must stay on the paved path and be very cautious as birds are walking and flying around inside the aviary.

Once the walking portion concludes visitors board an open air jeep to tour the 400-acre preserve on wheels. During this portion of the tour the guide will drive visitors around the preserve where you will come into contact with giraffes (according to Safari West they house the largest giraffe herd in North America), zebras, antelopes, cape buffalo, wildebeests, rhinos and more exotic animals all living in their natural habitat on the preserve.

A fun aspect to the driving portion is when touring the giraffe habitat they most frequently walk right up to the jeep and get up close and personal with the visitors by smelling and even licking them on occasion.

Tickets for the tour range from $86-$128 per adult and $45-$50 per child depending on what time of year you plan to visit. They also offer packages and dining options as well.

Glamping on Safari

Spend the night in Safari West luxury tents which are imported from Africa and are built on high wooden platforms with spacious decks. Pale green canvas walls enclose plush beds, hot showers and rustic but elegant trappings. There are polished wood floors, gleaming copper basins in the private bathrooms and one-of-a kind hand sewn furniture. Safari West Luxury Tents provide glam-camping at its finest! Rates are based on double occupancy and are seasonal and range from $250 to $360 depending on season and location.

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