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California Cheese Trail

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

For all you highly evolved foodie's out there or just the ones like me who know nothing about cheese other than it tastes yummy....I'm here to share with you the awesome California Cheese Trail you can take in Northern California (mostly in beautiful Sonoma and Marin Counties). And to make this self guided tour easier tourists can either download the map or use the helpful app (available for both apple and android).

The tour features open locations in Sonoma & Marin Counties including: Bohemian Creamery (Sebastopol), Cowgirl Creamery (Point Reyes), Epicurean Connection (Sonoma), Marin French Cheese Company (Petaluma), Matos Cheese Factory (Santa Rosa), Nicasio Valley Cheese Company (Nicasio), Spring Hill Jersey Cheese Company (Petaluma) and Vella Cheese (Sonoma)

Locations in the Central Valley include: Bravo Farms Cheese (Fowler), Harley Farms Goat Dairy (Pescadero), Hilmar Cheese Company (Atwater), Oakdale Cheese (Oakdale).

The Cheese Maker Tour website also lists locations in Sonoma & Marin Counties where you can make appointments to visit the factories.

One of our favorite locations is Cowgirl Creamery in Point Reyes...we recommend tasting some amazing creative cheese creations and then strolling through the sweet small town of Point Reyes along the coast.

Check out the California Cheese Trail website here, or download the app from apple or android devices. Also remember to follow California Cheese Trail on Facebook!

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